Lion, Tigers, Wolves and Bears…TONIGHT.

Hello everyone! I just want to make parents/guardians of the LIONS, TIGERS, WOLVES AND BEARS aware tonight (Monday 4/10/17) we are “hiking” through the neighborhood. Please make sure your son (and any accompanying siblings are in proper footwear. Also a bottle of water. We’ll see you all at the meeting tonight. 🙂 

Lion Cubs…

Hello Lion Cub Parents! Last night we covered a few things.

We completed Mountain Lion adventure requirements 1 and 2: Gather outdoor items you’d need on an outdoor adventure; and S.A.W. (Stay in place, Answer when called, and blow your Whistle) for if they were to ever become separated from group.

We also completed Animal Kingdom requirement 2, show you know what to do in an emergency.

HOMEWORK: Animal Kingdom Requirement 3 is their homework for the next 2 weeks. Save energy. We will talk about it, at our next den meeting, on Monday, January 30, 2017. 

Hope you all have a great 2 weeks, see you on the 30th!

Happy Scouting!

Happy Cub Scout

Lion Cub Parents

Attention all Lion Cub Parents: The Lion Cubs ARE meeting tomorrow, Monday January 16, 2017.  Last week, we worked on the mountain lion achievement, requirements 1 and 2. For requirement 1, we gathered outdoor items we need for an outdoor adventure (such as hiking). We went over the 6 essentials we ALWAYS have on us which are; first aid kit, filled water bottle, trail food, sun protection, flashlight and a whistle. For requirement 2, we talked about S.A.W. Stay in place if lost, Answer if you hear your name, Whistle; BLOW IT! We were missing a few cubs last week, so I plan on going over these again. 🙂 Tomorrow we will also work on Animal Kingdom requirement 2: Show you know what to do in an emergency. Requirement 3 will be HOMEWORK for boys, I’ll post details about that after tomorrow night’s meeting. Have a great night, hope to see you all tomorrow at 7pm.

Open House – Tonight

Tonight (9/26/16) is our Open House. It’s also a Den Meeting night for the Lions. The Lions and other Cub Scouts will learn more about Cub Scouts and be doing fun activities with the pack. Parents will have a meeting with our Cubmaster, Mr Tom. He’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to seeing you all tonight. Have a good day! 🙂

Lion Cub Parents…

Lion Parents…don’t forget we Lions meet EVERY OTHER MONDAY, unless we have a scheduled outing or pack meeting. There is NO MEETING tonight for the LIONS. See you all next week. Have a great week. Happy Scouting.