Fire House Visit (4/25/16)

Hello Parents: Hope you all had a great week/weekend. Tomorrow (4/25/16) the TIGERS, WOLVES & BEARS are going to visit the Fire House in Holmesburg. We’ll be meeting AT the Fire House, on Frankford a few doors down from the library. We ask that the boys be IN uniform. Thanks! We’ll see you all there. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ?

Fire Station Visit

Tigers, Wolves, and Bears will be meeting at Fire Engine 36 Ladder 20 located at 7818 Frankford Ave.  Please arrive at 7:00 PM and wear your Cub Scout Uniform.

Fire House Visit

Tiger, Wolf and Bear Parents don’t forget we have an additional meeting next week. We’ll meet Monday as usual, but we will also be meeting on Tues March 31, at 7pm at the FIRE HOUSE. It’s located next to Holmesburg branch library on Frankford Ave (19136). Please have your cubs in uniform.