Virtual Camporee

Calling all scouts! Calling all scouts! It’s time to go camping! But wait, in social distancing, how do we do that? Well I have the answer for you! Cradle of Liberty Council is hosting a Virtual Camporee the weekend of May 15th-16th. Join us in camping in your backyard, or in your living room, just keep the smelly socks upstairs!

There will be a multitude of activities for cub scouts, older scouts, as well as adults and leaders. If you have a sibling that’s not a scout, let them join in the fun and try to recruit them. Here’s a little info on how this will work.


  • Friday Night at 7pm there will be an opening campfire hosted by the COL Venturing Officer’s Association (you may see some familiar faces performing!)
  • You can view the campfire as well as the opening colors (flag ceremony) at 8:30am, as a livestream on the council’s facebook.
  • Go to the Camporee website to see the day’s schedule
  • Click on the classes you wish to be apart of, register (for free!) in order to get sent the link for the zoom rooms!
  • During second period, at 10am, join myself, Ms. Avery, in a cub scout cooking class! I would love to see my 1776 scouts there, I miss you guys!
  • A parent guardian can send pictures to the Cub Scout Facebook page, or email the leaders, with permission to share on our Facebook. We want to showcase the scouts participating!
  • Closing scout’s own will be at 4pm, livestreamed on Facebook.
  • You do not need a Facebook account to view the live, just click the link above. You do not need a zoom account to participate, just click the link you get after registering.

I hope to see a bunch of the 1776 scouts at the camporee, if you have any questions, you can reach me at

Sittin’ Around the Virtual Campfire…

Hello 1776 Cub Scouts! Tonight at 7pm, join us at the Cradle of Liberty Virtual Campfire. Scouts and Scouters from across the council will be livestreaming a campfire performance for all to enjoy. Our very own Bear leader, Miss Avery will be singing! So grab your snacks, your camp chair, and your scout spirit and sing along with us.

It will be livestreamed on the council Facebook page. Here’s the link to the event:


  1. Hello scouts!!
    Right now may be upsetting and dreary, but summer is just around the corner and fingers crossed this virus and quarantine will all be behind us. Here’s something to look forward to:  SUMMER CAMP!!  Here is what you need to know (please visit the BSA website for any additional information as they run the camp, not our unit)  this is a lot of fun and my son and I have enjoyed it for many years
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


Cub Scout Summer Camp 2020 March 2020

Musser Upcoming Events
Stay informed of all of the events happening at Musser Scout Reservation!


May 16
June 5-7 or 12-14 –
October 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, and Nov 1

Watch for our ads on Facebook and Google! 

Dear Cub Scout Families,
As the Scout Motto Says – Be Prepared – WE ARE PREPARED for an awesome summer camp season! Even in this ever-changing world in which we all are living, your camp leadership teams are still preparing for an exciting summer at Cub Adventures and Community Day Camps! We have recruited an all-star staff that are ready to welcome you and your Cubs to camp this summer.
Be sure to continue to sign-up your Cubs for camp – It is our intention for summer camp to be run as planned this season. Click here for summer camp options for your Cub Scouts!
We have developed resources to help you continue your Scouting program at home while we all practice social distancing. Take a look at these resources on our Scouting at Home page!
We are fully committed to offering the same quality camping experience this summer that we have in summers past even with the current COVID-19 situation. This is a new adventure that we are embarking on, the likes of which we have not seen in recent history. But it is an adventure we are ready to tackle head-on to make 2020 a memorable and safe stay in camp for everyone. We hope to see you there!
Yours in Scouting,
The COL Cub Camping Team

Its Camp Promotion Time

With everyone cooped-up indoors, we want to make sure that EVERYONE knows about Summer Camp! Our goal is to help get every Cub Scout outdoors this summer, and to make that a reality, we want to promote camp to your Scouts, parents, and leaders. Since Packs aren’t meeting in-person, we are happy to join you on your digital call and provide you with digital resources to share with your families.
Fill out a Camp Promotion Request to have us join you digitally.
If you are willing to help promote camp to other packs, please contact Jason Burns

Wild West Adventures at Musser


Howdy, Partner! The Sheriff and his deputies invite you to participate in Wild West Adventures for Summer Camp in 2020. Cubs and their Pack will have the opportunity to attend camp for Day Camp, or overnight at our extended-weekend overnight camp or the full-week overnight camp!
Help get your kids outdoors this summer and give them an adventure they won’t forget!
**Due to the COVID-19 circumstances:
1. Campership deadline has been pushed-back to April 15th
2. Pre-Camp Leader’s Meeting scheduled for April 20that the Valley Forge Middle School will now be held virtually in early May.

Stay tuned for updated information at the

Backyard Wild West Adventures with Cub Scout Community Day Camps

Looking for a local Day Camp close to home or your work? This year we are offering 9 opportunities, 5 of which are in Philadelphia, for your Cub Scout family to experience Cub Scout Day Camp. Ideal for younger Scouts (1-3 grades) but any Cub Scout should attend to get this awesome outdoor experience.
Go to our Day Camp web page to learn more and register today!

Check out Musser Scout Reservation’s NEW Website

Head-over to to see our brand new website! This is a great resource for planning your summer adventure, as well as finding options for your next Pack Camp-0ut.
Take a look and let us know how we can continue to improve it to help better-serve you!

Ready, Set, RACE! Pinewood Derby Workshop Sunday Feb 23 at 1:00

OK, so we are not racing YET!  But how can we if we don’t have our cars??? That’s what this Sunday is for!!  You see, we will have stations set up prepared to cut and shape your block of wood into the car of your dreams.  Once we are done, all you need to do is paint it, decorate it and add the wheels.  Full directions, guidelines and weight requirements will be provided by us on Sunday and can also be found inside your Derby Car box.

You don’t have a Derby Car Box, you say?  Don’t worry, no one does yet.  When you arrive, present the laminated pinewood card (the business card sized card your child received in his Christmas stocking at our Christmas party).  Please try to remember it so we can keep track, but if you cannot find it, as long as your dues are paid up in full, we know you’ve got one coming to you.  If, however, you lose or break the car we give you Sunday, or need a replacement for any reason, there is a $5.00 cost.

What you need to do before you arrive:  take the time this weekend to have your child sketch out (or help them) a car shape and design.  2nd step is to bring it with you.  It’s that simple.  Your job is to be creative and maybe research what body styles may be more aerodynamic to increase your chances of winning the race.  That’s it!

After the pinewood workshop:  sand it down smooth – who wants splinters?  We provide sand paper so you can do it as soon as your car is cut, or use your own and do it at home if you can’t stay.  The decorating you do at home.  You have 2 weeks to complete your car so it is ready to race on Saturday, March 7.  You will receive more detail on arrival time and registration prior to the race.  Stay tuned!

This is such a fun event – the track takes up almost the whole gym!

Wolves are getting ready for Spring with hiking and camping preparedness

Cub Scout Six Essentials Over the past two weeks, wolves have worked on various required and elective adventures related to hiking, camping and being prepared.  Our program is designed to teach safety, as represented by the buddy system, what to do in an emergency, how to handle different weather conditions and natural disasters, signaling for help, what items to have on hand, and more.  We also learned about the outdoor code and general principles on how to treat the land and wildlife.  Our cubs built first aid kits and learned a new knot.   All in all, this is all prep for the fun hiking and camping activities that we have scheduled for the warmer days ahead.  The best part is: these skills are not only useful for hiking and camping – they are life skills that can and should be applied to any outing, school trip, vacations and experiences.  So, parents, we encourage you to review our six essentials and other preparedness measures with your child at every opportunity.  Really all it requires is common sense and repetition on your part.  All of our guidelines and lists may be found on the BSA website, on scoutbook and in the wolf manual! So, just remember  – outings are fun, but a lot more so when we know our child is safe and prepared!

FALL FEST 2019 – November 1-3 with the pack OR any other time on your own

Hello, fellow scouters and parents!  Just a few quick important things about Fall Fest.  This is an activity with a lot of flexFall Fest 2012ibility.   Scouters may attend any weekend it is offered.  Scouters may camp for the weekend OR come up for a day.  Please speak with any of our leaders if you have any questions.  AS A PACK, our leaders have a cabin for the weekend of November 1-3.  If you are planning to camp WITH US all weekend, please MEET Dan, Mike, Nora and Regina at MUSSER campsite at 6 PM in the parking lot at HART.    ***if you only wish to come up for the day on November 2, our group will be staying at RED FOX  – you can meet up with them there, or the mess hall.  Whether you make this a full weekend or just a day trip, it is always a blast!  It’s always smart to bring your hiking gear/boots and warm weather clothes, rain gear (as a precaution), a good flashlight, some extra toilet paper, a pre-charged phone charger, some snacks and water (though we will have food) and some S’More makings, ’cause what’s a campout without S’Mores! Hope to see you there for all of the fun and comraderie!


THIS MONDAY – October 28 – put on your costumes and let’s PARTY!  Halloween is around the corner and we are going to celebrate it with fun and games, music, food and friends.  Party starts at 6:30 PM.  We had a great turnout for food and drink sign up, so please don’t forget to bring your items!  Once again, I am making my signature witch’s potion – it’s simply to DIE for!  hahahahahahhaBoo


Please join us for a fun filled and educational day out at Fort Mifflin at 9:30 AM on Saturday November 10th. There will be lots to do and great company!There will be guided tours, musket demonstration, and scouts can meet Ben Franklin.

The cost is $10 for adults and $6 for kids under 12 & veterans.

Remember to pack a snack and water and wear comfortable shoes! Thank you Mike Magras for leading this awesome outing!

Terrific Time at National Night Out!

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful community event, especially Ronni Faith Lotto for organizing this massive gathering and, of course, our local police force. It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and businessss, but so much better when you meet and connect with so many new ones as we did tonight! One of my most favorite things about scouting is the comraderie and bonding amongst the scouts and leaders. We truly become family. We enjoy one another immensely. We join together and work together, complementing one another…and  tonight was no exception as all of our branches came out to represent.  In case you weren’t aware,  1776 is comprised not only of Cub Scouts (boys and girls) but also includes Boy Scouts and Venturing Crew (co-ed).  This means we not only spend a few years together, but grow and journey together until adulthood. Though we love our little group just way we are, we are always excited for new members and can’t wait to welcome into our group the many new faces we met tonight.  Community is only as strong and upstanding as it’s members and we are proud to foster that in our children.  So, thank you for your support and we hope to see you at our open house in September 😊

Recruitment Regatta

With one scouting year ending and another one is right around the corner. Pack 1776 is hosting our first RAINGUTTER REGATTA Recruitment Event.

When: June 9th, 2018

From: 10am-2pm

Where: Saints United Lutheran Church

Grab a friend and come out for a day of fun building a boat and sharing the joys of scouting. If your friend joins, you will receive the recruiter badge.

Pack regatta

*Lunch will be available for purchase.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact