Hello everyone. Last night the Tiger Cubs, along with the Bears and some of the Webelos 1’s earned their soccer belt loop. Most of the Tiger Cubs are at least 60% finished earning their Tiger Cub Badge, way to go boys! Please continue to keep an eye on your email and our website for updates.Oh and don’t forget if your Cub goes on a field trip, or family trip check and see if it happens to be a Requirement or Elective. See you all next week! 🙂

Tonight’s Meeting (10/6/14)

Good afternoon Cub Scout parents. Tonight the Tigers, Wolves and Bears will be combined and working on their Bobcat badge requirements (for some Scouts this will be a refresher). See you all tonight.  🙂

Bears & Webelos Progress Report: Knife Safety Training

Whittling Chip CardTonight the Bears and Webelos begin their annual Knife Safety training. This class is designed to teach knife safety and in addition to some basic safety rules, the boys will learn additional rules that must be followed.  While this is a requirement for Bears, the pack requires Webelos scouts to take the training each year as well.

Our program takes 2-3 hours depending on the attentiveness and behavior of the boys. We start with an introduction to various bladed items, teach them the differences, and validity of their usage. We will cover a series of safety requirements, administer a short test, and if they pass we will practice carving apples and soap.

  • For Bears this course will complete Bear Achievement 19: Shavings and Chips and allow your Bear to earn his Whittling Chip Card.
  • For new Webelos this isn’t a requirement for rank but the training is required to allow your Webelos to earn his Whittling Chip Card.
  • For returning Webelos who have already earned their Whittling Chip Card, this training is required by the pack in order to upkeep the privilege of the whittling chip.

We may or may not have activities that allow the use of a pocketknife and having a whittling chip card is a requirement to participate in such activities.

Bear Achievements & Electives

As a service to parents, in order to be able to readily access the requirements and electives their boys need while out and about, we began posting all of the achievements & electives for each rank.  We are pleased to announce that all of the Bear Cub Achievements on the Bear Trail and all of the Bear Cub Electives for the Bear Arrow Point Trail have been completed.  However, it is not all that is done.  The Achievements for Tiger Cubs and the Achievements for Wolf Cubs are also complete, however the electives for both of these ranks are still in progress and Webelos information has not yet begun.

Eventually, we will create a menu item for the ranks but until they are finished it was decided to leave the menu item out to avoid unnecessary indexing of the site by search engines as the lists update and change.

So how do you access this information?

On the website, in the upper right hand corner, there are icons representing each of the Cub Scout ranks from Bobcat (required by all cubs) through Webelos. You can simply click on any of these icons and you will be taken to the page for the respective rank.

Rank Icon Links

Alternatively you can simply add the rank to the end of our website url.  For example; http://www.cubscoutpack1776.org/bear  will take you directly to the bear page.  If you need a shortened url to share the link you can simply use http://cubpack155.org/bear

Right now the site isn’t optimized for smaller screens (phones, tablets, etc..) however I will make it responsive in the future so that it will automatically reformat itself according to the device you are browsing on.

I hope you find this useful and make use of it when you are out with your son so you can look up achievements and electives that you can cover together as a family. Once complete simply sign off on it in the book and show me his book.

First Aid Training

Don’t forget that on Monday that Cub Scout pack 155 we will have an official Red Cross Instructor as a guest instructor offering two child oriented Red Cross First Aid courses for the Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs and Bear Cubs. These courses are First Aid for Children Today (FACT) and Basic Aid Training (BAT).  These courses will help complete the requirements for the Emergency Preparedness Award as well as provide the boys with something more in depth and valuable than their book requirements.

The Webelos will get First Aid & CPR in a few months.

Parents: Please be sure that your boys bring their handbooks.  Tomorrow is a great opportunity to go over what they have covered and what they still need to work on.

Boys: Please remember to bring your pocket first aid kits & a pencil.