Bears Update 3/2/2020

Bear Adventure: Fur, Feathers, and FernsThe Bears took on the adventure of Furs, Feathers and Ferns Monday night. The scouts were able to plant their own herbs or vegetables, their choice of the seeds available. They should keep the plant in sunlight, and the soil moist. Most of the seeds will begin to form seedlings in 5-12 days, depending on what they chose. When the plant grows even more, they can transfer the starter pot to a larger planter. The scouts talked about wildlife they’ve seen before, as well as composting. We discussed some of the benefits of composting and the scouts can look in their Bear handbook for more information, and how to start it at home, if they desire.


To finish this adventure, the scouts will be going on a weather permitting one-mile hike during their meeting next week. In preparation for this, the scouts went over the six essentials. Please ensure the scouts bring a flashlight and water bottle next week, as well as proper clothing, stay tuned on the weather. The route will be shared with everyone before we depart. Put on those walking shoes and see you all next week!

Tiger Cubs…

Tiger Cub Parents last night we finished up the elective Earning Your Stripes. Next week we will be working on the Tiger Tales elective, playing a game and sharing a snack.


PINEWOOD DERBY IS FINALLY HERE!! Woo hoo!! Get those race cars painted and fine tuned because Saturday WE RACE! That’s right! This Saturday, March 7 at Saints United Gym we are all gathering at 10:00 AM for the fun filled EXCITING  down to the last second hold your breath racing event of the year! At least for scouts 😁😁. This event lasts a few hours so bring a snack and a drink (covered containers only please) and your cheering voices. Remember, we want to win, but we also want to be happy for everyone else. So, do your best and support your pack members, too! ***please come in uniform if you can! 

  • ARRIVAL TIME 10:00 AM  At this time we weigh and register your cars. Any cars found to be overweight or too wide may be altered and re-checked and registered so long as changes can be made before registration closes. 
    Once registered, the cars are entered into the computer and MAY NOT BE TOUCHED AGAIN BY ANYONE until the race begins. Doing so may also result in disqualification. 
    Cars are placed on display until the race starts so everyone can see all of the cool designs 🚖🚘


  • REGISTRATION CLOSES BEFORE 10:50 AM. So, to be safe, don’t be late.  We want to see your smiling faces promptly at 10:00 AM🙂☺️😊😀😃😄


  • FAILURE TO REGISTER BEFORE 10:50 AM DEADLINE MAY RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION.  We hate to have to do this, but we have specific BSA Pinewood Derby guidelines to follow and the computer needs time to calibrate the information which is sent to the electronic track. Please don’t be late!


  • THE FIRST RACE BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 11:15 AM.  Please understand this event is run in heats and therefore lasts a few hours and we rent the track. That means if we are late starting, we are late ending, and the people coming for the track after the race will be held up and that’s not very scoutlike of us to not be courteous to them!


  • EXPECT LOTS OF CHEERS AND GROANS AND LAUGHING so bring your happy face whether you come in first or last!
    YES:  😁🤗🤪😊😃




family and friends are welcome to attend, so please don’t be shy about asking them. Share the fun!!


Flying High with the Wolf Den

 Last night our wolves put their creativity and engineering skills to the test. Each scout decided upon a paper airplane design to make and see how well and far it would fly. We conducted our first experiment based on the original design, then made adjustments we felt would make them fly more efficiently and then again. Each change helped them learn and demonstrate aerodynamics and problem solve how to fix what’s not working and how to improve what is- all great skills necessary in every endeavor in life, and a super fun way to learn! Next week we take our flight to a new level and build a paper plane catapult to soar even higher – or so we hope – we will find out!

Ready, Set, RACE! Pinewood Derby Workshop Sunday Feb 23 at 1:00

OK, so we are not racing YET!  But how can we if we don’t have our cars??? That’s what this Sunday is for!!  You see, we will have stations set up prepared to cut and shape your block of wood into the car of your dreams.  Once we are done, all you need to do is paint it, decorate it and add the wheels.  Full directions, guidelines and weight requirements will be provided by us on Sunday and can also be found inside your Derby Car box.

You don’t have a Derby Car Box, you say?  Don’t worry, no one does yet.  When you arrive, present the laminated pinewood card (the business card sized card your child received in his Christmas stocking at our Christmas party).  Please try to remember it so we can keep track, but if you cannot find it, as long as your dues are paid up in full, we know you’ve got one coming to you.  If, however, you lose or break the car we give you Sunday, or need a replacement for any reason, there is a $5.00 cost.

What you need to do before you arrive:  take the time this weekend to have your child sketch out (or help them) a car shape and design.  2nd step is to bring it with you.  It’s that simple.  Your job is to be creative and maybe research what body styles may be more aerodynamic to increase your chances of winning the race.  That’s it!

After the pinewood workshop:  sand it down smooth – who wants splinters?  We provide sand paper so you can do it as soon as your car is cut, or use your own and do it at home if you can’t stay.  The decorating you do at home.  You have 2 weeks to complete your car so it is ready to race on Saturday, March 7.  You will receive more detail on arrival time and registration prior to the race.  Stay tuned!

This is such a fun event – the track takes up almost the whole gym!

upcoming Wolf adventure for Monday Feb 24

To us Wolves, we may as well rename Monday ‘FUNDAY”!  Our kids are constantly collecting things and getting more interested in hobbies, so we want to know just what it is that makes your little cub tick!  This Funday, we are asking wolves to bring in something they collect.  Maybe it’s Pokemon cards, or beyblades.  Maybe it’s rocks, fossils or dinosaurs; sports stuff or comic books.  If your child is anything like mine, it’s probably all of the above and more.  So, have your little Wolf select one of his collections and bring it in for our version of Show and Tell.  Scouts are welcome to bring whatever they wish (with parental approval, of course), but we recommend if the items are fragile or valuable, maybe those should be left at home,  Please understand the leaders will of course be doing our best to ensure all items are properly handled and taken care of, but we cannot 100% guarantee anything.  I know I am really excited to hear all about my Wolves’ interests and collections – I hope they are just as excited to share!

Wolves are getting ready for Spring with hiking and camping preparedness

Cub Scout Six Essentials Over the past two weeks, wolves have worked on various required and elective adventures related to hiking, camping and being prepared.  Our program is designed to teach safety, as represented by the buddy system, what to do in an emergency, how to handle different weather conditions and natural disasters, signaling for help, what items to have on hand, and more.  We also learned about the outdoor code and general principles on how to treat the land and wildlife.  Our cubs built first aid kits and learned a new knot.   All in all, this is all prep for the fun hiking and camping activities that we have scheduled for the warmer days ahead.  The best part is: these skills are not only useful for hiking and camping – they are life skills that can and should be applied to any outing, school trip, vacations and experiences.  So, parents, we encourage you to review our six essentials and other preparedness measures with your child at every opportunity.  Really all it requires is common sense and repetition on your part.  All of our guidelines and lists may be found on the BSA website, on scoutbook and in the wolf manual! So, just remember  – outings are fun, but a lot more so when we know our child is safe and prepared!

Bears Update 2/17/20

ThisBear Adventure: Paws for Action Monday the Bears worked on the Paws for Action Adventure. To start off, they challenged themselves by naming as many of the 50 states that they could.  Through this adventure, they learned what each aspect of the American flag stands for, and practiced drawing one of their own. The scouts were able to learn and practice how to properly fold the US flag, and learned how to display it. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, going into the meaning of each line. We named some famous Americans, past and present and talked about why some of them are famous.


We also discussed the importance of emergency contacts. Each scout received a magnet with space to write in important emergency numbers. While before it was common to have phone numbers written and put on the fridge in case you needed to use the house phone, today many of our scouts have a phone of their own. I shared how I store my In Case of Emergency phone numbers in my phone and encouraged them to talk with their families about which phone numbers they should know.

The scouts have homework to be completed by next week for completion of this adventure

  • Display their flag at home for one month (it can be their drawing, a small one or a larger one if your family has it)
  • Research 2 famous Americans and bring in a few facts about each to share with the den. There are some examples in the Bear Handbook.
  • Make their list of emergency contacts, discussing with their family who they should have on speed dial, or in the emergency contacts section in their phone. They do not need to bring in anything for this next week, but are free to share what they discussed if they would like.
  • Emergency plan: Sit down with your family, discuss and create a plan for an emergency. Each scout picked one that they want to work on and practice the plan at home. Please bring in a copy of the plan for next week to share.


Good morning Tiger parents. Last night we worked on and completed the elective “Sky is the Limit”, shared a snack and played hot potato.

Next week we are going to be working on the elective “Earning Your Stripes”. Please have kids do something helpful for the week, a small chore for example. We will talk about what they did during the meeting. I also ask that kids bring in 3-5 ORANGE things they like for show and tell. If it is something that cannot be brought in, a picture is great as well. We’ll discuss these during the meeting as well. We may have a small snack as well. Have a great week, and see you all next week!! Any questions, comments, etc. don’t hesitate to send me an email.

All Dens Update 02/10/2020

Sun behind raincloudWhile we wait for the cold rainy days to pass and the sun to shine again, all dens began to prepare for the outdoor adventures that lie ahead!

First and foremost the scouts learned the buddy system and it’s importance through a series of games and challenges. The buddy system calls for Scouts to pair up with a friend or two for all activities. This helps ensure safety and accountability, and teaches Scouts to have responsibility for others. They are taught that they should always be with a buddy and that the two primary rules of the buddy system are 1) always know where your buddy is, and 2) make sure your buddy always knows where you are. Thus, if they simply stay with their buddy at all times, then both rules will automatically be followed.

The scouts learned what first aid is all about, the importance of first aid while in the outdoors, and what makes up a first aid kit.  They then proceeded to put together a simple pocket first aid kit that they should bring hiking and camping or keep with them at all times. They even learned what they can add to their kits to make them better and took a look into a bigger first aid kit made for larger groups. Finally they learned how to take care of a minor injury, including the important steps and what to use for each step while the Webelos got to touch on the basics of slings and splints.

Cub Scout Six Essentials

Lastly, the scouts moved on to camping and hiking essentials. In the cub scout program there are six essentials for the cub scouts to take along with them whenever they are in the outdoors.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Filled Water Bottle
  • Flashlight
  • Trail Food
  • Sun Protection
  • Whistle

A sample backpack with the essentials and a few other items was displayed so the scouts so see the essentials and how they were packed. They discussed why they needed each of the essentials and what else may be good to bring along. The importance of hydration was stressed, and how to properly call for help with a whistle was demonstrated. They also touched on some extra items that they would bring camping with them.

They also tossed in a square knot to tie it all together.

Over the next few weeks all scouts will be learning the seven principles of Leave No Trace. We started with principles one and two on Monday.

Requirements Completed


  • Tigers In the Wild: 1
  • Games Tigers Play: 1a, 1b
  • Floats and Boats: 2
  • Tiger Tag: 2
  • Tiger-iffic: 3, 6


  • Call of the Wild: 5 (partial)
  • Paws on the Path: 2
  • Running with the Pack: 4


  • Bear Necessities: 2, 3
  • Salmon Run: 1 (partial)


  • First Responder: 1, 5a
  • Webelos Walkabout: 2
  • Scouting: 5a (partial)