Wolf Den – January 20, 2020

Wolf Elective Adventure: Adventures in CoinsTonight was spent learning the value of money and how it’s minted. We identified the different markings and what they signify, explored the differences in weight and size and metal, recognized the values and played a coin toss game.

Congratulations to tonight’s attendees for earning your adventures in coins belt loop! We concluded the night with a review of Bobcat and the meanings behind the oath, law, scout sign and handshake. See you all next week!

Goings On in the Wolf Den

The year is already off to a terrific and productive start with our young Wolves.  With 2 earned beltloops out of 6 required for moving to the next level and some fun electives peppered in, we are really having a great time telling campfire stories, creating new ones of our own, preparing a skit, playing games with a focus on fitness, good sportsmanship and teamwork, and learning about nutrition. Stay tuned for next week’s Wolf Den recap! Until then…

What a fun Open House!

A warm thanks to everyone who came out tonight to the Cub Scout Pack 1776 Open House. We saw many new faces, as well as our dear familiar ones. The children thoroughly enjoyed “SCIENCE!” With Dan, electrical circuitry with Mike, Catapults of Fun and corn hole with Nora and Digging for Dinosaurs with Kristine. We all had an evening of learning through fun, comradery, and laughs. A special thank you to the boy scouts and venturing crew (both of 1776) who assisted us tonight, and of course to Regina, our Cub Master, who met with all of the parents.  We really have a great group here, and we very much look forward to expanding our cub community! See     you all next week!

**Remember, it’s never too late to meet with us. If you were unavailable for our Open House, you are welcome to swing by any Monday meeting between 7:00PM and 8:00PM!

Welcome ALL to our annual Open House

We are all looking forward to meeting new faces tonight. There is a lot of information and fun planned for this evening!

Blue and Gold

Dear Parents,
Can you believe that the end of our scouting year is upon us? Where did the time magically go? Just a moment ago it was September and we were just starting the year and then POOF!!! It is over. We are having our end of year Blue and Gold Banquet on June 2, 2018. The doors open at 12:15 and the banquet starts at 1:00. Tickets are available. Each scout gets a ticket for themself and 2 tickets for parents. Any extra tickets are $5.00 each. Payment at the door is acceptable. Head counts are needed by May 30th. We look forward to ending the year with the same spirit that we have had all year!

Thank you!
Regina Giuffre

Wolf Update 3/12/2018

Wolf Elective Achievement: Digging In The PastThis week the wolves finished the Digging in the Past adventure.  We also covered the difference between “all the time” snacks and “sometimes” snacks as well as the needs of a hike.

Next week we will review bad weather camping scenarios.


Wolf Update 2/12/2018

Wolf Elective Adventure: Germs Alive!On Monday the wolves worked on the Germs Alive elective adventure. They discussed what germs are and started a science experiment with bread to see if washing their hands with soap made a difference and used miniature pompoms to show how easily germs spread.

On Monday night, the tracking for the exercise activities is due. Please remind your scouts to bring their activity records with them.  We hope to see everyone at the Klondike Derby this weekend.

Wolf Den Update 10/09/2017

Wolf Elective Adventure: Hometown HeroesThis week the Bears and the Wolves worked together. Those who went to the Revolutionary Germantown festival shared their experience with the rest of the dens and talked about famous people and places along with their significance in history to complete Hometown Heroes requirement 1. The conversation then turned to a conversation about freedom and the significance of the American flag, setting the tone for the Council Fire Adventure in the near future.

Wolf Adventure: Howling at the MoonThe wolves then moved on to Howling at the Moon as planned and completed requirement 1, showing that they can communicate in multiple ways.  They completed this task by learning about and practicing communicating with each other using morse code, nautical flags, and semaphore flags.

Next week the Wolves will continue with Howling at the Moon and likely move to Council Fire after that.


Wolf Den Update 10/02/2017

Wolf Elective Adventure: Cubs Who CareOn Monday, the wolves completed the Cubs Who Care elective adventure which was started at the Open House on 9/25/17. They completed requirements 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7, completing more than the four required to complete the adventure.

This adventure is intended to help Wolf Cub Scouts learn about physical disabilities, which are more easily and readily understood at their age than are learning disabilities and mental impairments. They examined how sports such as ice hockey, soccer, and basketball have been adapted for blindness and paraplegics; they learned about invisible disabilities such as mental health issues or those caused by brain injury; they drew a picture with and without a blindfold and discussed how they had to adapt with with techniques such as finger placement and not removing the crayon. Lastly they talked about famous people with disabilities such as Albert Einstein, Stevie Wonder, and Cher.

Next Week

Next week the wolves will be working on either Howling at the Moon requirements 1-3 though if the weather is nice they may also do Air of the Wolf requirements 2a & 2d.



Firehouse Visit (5/15/17)…

Attention LIONS, TIGERS, WOLVES & BEARS we are having our annual Firehouse visit this Monday (5/15/17) at 6:30pm. We will meet AT the Firehouse. It is located at 7818 Frankford Ave, 19136 (right by Holmesburg Branch library). It is Engine 36, Ladder 20. We ask that adults stay for the duration of the tour, because if the firehouse gets a call, they have to go. If your cubs have uniforms, please have them wear them. This will be the meeting for the week, we will meet here and dismiss from there. So, we’ll see you all on Monday and we’ll meet in front of the firehouse, by the flagpole.