Webelos Update 01/20/2020

Webelos Adventure: Cast Iron ChefLast evening, the Webelos began working on the requirements towards the Cast Iron Chef. We discussed nutrition, as well as the importance of establishing nutritional goals & creating a food journal. All scouts were asked to assist, their families, with preparing one nutritious meal this week.

I have also included a link for a template that your child can use to start creating a food journal for the week. They can also use this template to begin brainstorming nutritional goals for themselves.

I can’t wait to hear about what the scouts cooked this Monday during our Den meeting.

Wolf Den – January 20, 2020

Wolf Elective Adventure: Adventures in CoinsTonight was spent learning the value of money and how it’s minted. We identified the different markings and what they signify, explored the differences in weight and size and metal, recognized the values and played a coin toss game.

Congratulations to tonight’s attendees for earning your adventures in coins belt loop! We concluded the night with a review of Bobcat and the meanings behind the oath, law, scout sign and handshake. See you all next week!

Tiger den: 1/20/20

Tiger Parents, Tonight we reviewed the Bobcat requirements. Please also review them with your Cubs at home, they are as follows:

1. Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my county.  and to obey the scout law;  to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong,  mentally awake and morally straight.

2. Scout Law

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.

3. The Cub Scout Sign.

The Cub Scout Sign is 2 fingers, held high. It means you are ready to listen. It’s made with the right arm held high and straight up above the shoulder, with the index and middle fingers forming a V.

4. The Cub Scout Handshake.

The handshake is done by putting the index and middle fingers of the right hand against the other person’s wrist when shaking hands.

5. Cub Scout Motto.

Do your best.

6. Cub Scout Salute.

The salute is made by joining the index and middle fingers of the right hand (holding the other fingers with the thumb) and toughing the extended fingers to either the forehead or hat visor.

We will review these for the next few weeks at beginning of our meetings.        If you have any questions/comments/concerns please don’t hesitate to email me at: stracey@scouting1776.org

Have a fantastic week! See you all next Monday!

Bear Den Update 01/20/2020

Bear Adventure: Super ScienceTonight the bear den completed the Super Science Adventure in full (requirements 1 through 5). While the Bear Scout may have gotten a little messy they gained a lot of knowledge. With science being an everyday wonder that Scouts can learn more about by simply using ordinary household supplies, their actions created amazing reactions in fun investigations while exploring static electricity, oil and water, sinking versus floating, and color morphing and layering.

The specific requirements covered were:

  1. Make static electricity by rubbing a balloon or a plastic or rubber comb against another material, such as a fleece blanket or wool sweater. Explain what you learned.
  2. Conduct one other static electricity investigation. Explain what you learned.
  3. Do a sink-or-float investigation. Explain what you learned.
  4. Do a color-morphing investigation. Explain what you learned.
  5. Do a color-layering investigation. Explain what you learned.

Their takeaways for the evening were: following directions; introduction to the scientific method; learning the scientific law of action and reaction; and finding new ways to be creative.

Here are a few of their creations:

Super Science - Color Layering & Density Bear Adventure: Super Science


All Dens Update – Monday Jan 13

Round-RobinOn Monday night the Cub Scouts participated in a “round-robin” style activity where they covered several topics and were able to learn about several people that made their mark in history including several inventors and what they invented along with getting to make scout-friendly versions of some of these inventions themselves:

  • They learned how to build a catapult, like the great Archimedes who is credited with improving the power and accuracy of the catapult. The scouts did this using everyday supplies like popsicle sticks, rubber bands, and a spoon. This activity was a fun way to get the scouts engaged in engineering and physics as they utilize things like stored energy, gravity, and the laws of motion while exercising their cognitive and motor skills with easy problem solving and building something on a smaller scale.
  • They then got to express their creativity by designing and building their own paper airplanes. Like the Wright Brothers before them, they were able to experience basic flight, see various flight patterns, and witness things like the Bernulli principle in action as their new creations took flight across the gym in some friendly competition for a coveted dinosaur.
  • Lastly, they learned that science, engineering, and inventions reach everywhere as they received an introduction to the music arts and Christian Buschmann, the credited inventor of the harmonica. They combined these fields by building and playing their own harmonicas; where they even experimented and learned how different sized pieces led to different sounds.

The scouts had a lot of fun and it was exciting to hear the facts that they already knew about some of the people who paved the way for us; George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edision, and of course Lord Baden Powell the founder of scouting.

In the course of the evening, some of the dens were able to complete a few requirements for elective adventures. They were:

  • Wolves – Air of the Wolf requirements 1a, 2b
  • Bears – Baloo the Builder requirement 3b
  • Webelos/Arrow of Light – Maestro requirement 2a


Parent Meeting January 13


Welcome back Pack 1776! It’s a brand new year filled with brand new excitement for our scouts!  Ordinarily, we do general announcements after each meeting, but this Monday, January 13, we will be holding a parent meeting while our scouts are enjoying their activities.  We have a lot of important information for you, so we are really counting on you to be there.  Topics will include changes, improvements, plans for the pack, upcoming events and our winter awards service.  We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and we are looking forward to seeing you Monday at 7:00 PM!

Dates to remember

Reminder of January dates

Some dates to remember!

January 6th: no meeting

January 13th: Welcome back!

January 20th: meeting

January 27th: meeting

February 7th: Pack meeting

February 8th: Scout Sunday

If you have not paid your dues…..please do!

Merry Christmas from Pack 1776

Christmas wishes,Merry Christmas from our families to yours. May today be filled with joy and blessings!


Christmas Party

Christmas Party

This Monday December 16th is our Christmas Party. The doors open at 6:30. We are hoping everyone can bring something to share. Look forward to seeing everyone!!!

Holiday Bazaar

Holiday Bazaar, craft show

Come visit the Holiday Bazaar! It starts at 9:00. You can also stop by the table and volunteer some time!