Dues, due scouting fee, registration

Dues are due! We need our dues paid so we can take advantage of council’s offer and also to order our books!

Scouting for Food

Scouting For Food Patch

Tomorrow November 9th is our first Scouting for Food day! Meet at the church 9:30 so we can start by 10:00 am. Dress warm! Dress in layers!!! We are walking around the neighborhood to place the door hangers for the food collection for next weekend. Bring a water bottle.

Open House

Open house

Welcome Back!



September 9th at 7:00 we are welcoming back our returning scouts. Come meet your cubscout leader for the year! I can’t wait to see all of our cubscouts and to hear the stories of their summers! Pass it on that September 30th is our Open House. Invite friends to come see what scouts are about.


Reminder of Summer Fun

Hi to all of our scouters!!!

Can you believe in about a month we are back into our scouting year??? As a reminder …..please have your scout write about some of the things that they did this past summer. You never know…..it could be towards a belt loop! Any questions please just ask! I can’t wait for our new year to start!

Ms. Regina

Cubmaster of the Best Scouts Ever!!!

Pack 1776


Pennsbury Manor

Saying Hello!

Scout families,
Can you believe it’s been about a week since the Blue and Gold ceremony? As we still recover from the fun of the day I wanted to say hello. For those who missed the news, my name is Ms. Regina and I will be your Cubmaster for the upcoming scout year. I am excited about the fun that we will have together. IF you have an idea you wish to see done please let me know. Any questions or concerns, again, let me know. Ms. Kristine is Assistant Cubmaster. Together we will be having fun with our scouts as we go through the year.
A owe a huge thank you to Mr. Dan for his time as Cubmaster. Mr. Dan planned a fun year. Under his guidance we were successful in the Scouting for Food. We also had fun trips such as the aquarium, a sleep over at Franklin Institute and a fun filled camping trip when we made S’mores in the rain. . As he steps down as Cubmaster we are grateful that he will still be with us as den leader for our Webelos. Thank you Mr. Dan for everything you have done for us!
Ms. Regina
****Don’t forget!!! There is a hike at Valley Forge on June 22****

BLue and Gold Thank You

Thank you for coming yesterday to our end of year Blue and Gold. The skits that our scouts presented such as “No stick skillet”, “Bear Attack” and “Man Eating Chicken” along with Mr, Dan’s dad jokes had us laughing. Our scouts enjoyed watching each others’ skits along with having fun with the beach theme. Beach ball volleyball being played to having pictures taken with our picture area were filled with smiles. We heard the stories of favorite activities for the year and also the excitement for our new year to start in September. Our scouts were proud to receive their rank that they worked so hard for. We said “See you later” to our AOLs as they “changed” into Scouts. We wish them lots of fun, luck and adventures as they begin their next part of the journey towards Eagle Scout. Thank you to everyone who helped with set up, cooking, breaking down and helping through the year. Without your support we would not be as successful as we are as a pack! Keep posted for information about summer activities!

Blue and Gold

Dear Parents,
Can you believe that the end of our scouting year is upon us? Where did the time magically go? Just a moment ago it was September and we were just starting the year and then POOF!!! It is over. We are having our end of year Blue and Gold Banquet on June 2, 2018. The doors open at 12:15 and the banquet starts at 1:00. Tickets are available. Each scout gets a ticket for themself and 2 tickets for parents. Any extra tickets are $5.00 each. Payment at the door is acceptable. Head counts are needed by May 30th. We look forward to ending the year with the same spirit that we have had all year!

Thank you!
Regina Giuffre

Canceled meeting

Stop No MeetingTonight’s meeting is canceled. We are sorry for the inconvenience. As a reminder of you wish to still do a scout related activity……. please do an activity out of your child’s scout book. Cyber chip or reviewing skills always make for a fun night.

The Lions, Tigers, Wolves, and Bears will be meeting next week at the firehouse at 6:30 for the firehouse tour.

This weekend we have a hike planned, please check out the post on the website https://www.cubscoutpack1776.org/2018/05/hike.

Also remember that camp card money and any left over camp cards are due next Monday, May 21, 2018