Bears Update 11/6/2017

Bear Adventure: Baloo the BuilderOn Monday, the Bears began working on Baloo the Builder Adventure, which will expose the scout to the proper use and safety of hand tools, how to choose the correct type of wood for a project, and also how to construct a project.

The scouts were introduced to various tools and their functions, tool safety, and hands on practice to give them a better understanding of how they work and how to use them.

Homework: The scouts were asked to come up with ideas for projects over the course of the week. Also don’t forget the scouts were asked a few weeks ago to display a flag somewhere in their home for 30 days. It can be a picture of a flag, or a miniature flag.  They can take a picture of it and bring it in or send it in an email.

Have a great week!

Bear Den Update 10/02/2017

Bear Adventure: Fellowship and Duty to GodOn Monday, the bear den started by going through the advancement requirements and discussed a little about what each adventure entails and they were very excited to hear that they will get started this year with pocket knives. They then started with a generalization of the Fellowship and Duty to God adventure in which Bear Cub Scouts will have opportunities to be good neighbors as they reach out in fellowship to those in their communities. Cub Scouts will experience the universal principle, common to many religions, that we should treat others the way we want to be treated.

Next week they will go deeper into this adventure and explain how they do their duty to God, to name and discuss someone of faith that they admire, and how they will continue to show their duty to God.

At Home (Homework)

This adventure requires the assistance of families and loved ones in order for the scouts to make the most of the adventure.

  • Please discuss with your scouts someone of faith that they admire. It can be a person within your family, someone you know, or even a holy figure in your particular faith.
  • Help your scouts prepare a list of things that they can do to practice their duty to God according to their beliefs. We will then ask the scouts to select two of them to practice for two weeks.
  • The scouts are welcome to bring in something religious and meaningful to them to discuss.