Wolf Den – January 20, 2020

Wolf Elective Adventure: Adventures in CoinsTonight was spent learning the value of money and how it’s minted. We identified the different markings and what they signify, explored the differences in weight and size and metal, recognized the values and played a coin toss game.

Congratulations to tonight’s attendees for earning your adventures in coins belt loop! We concluded the night with a review of Bobcat and the meanings behind the oath, law, scout sign and handshake. See you all next week!

Parent Meeting January 13


Welcome back Pack 1776! It’s a brand new year filled with brand new excitement for our scouts!  Ordinarily, we do general announcements after each meeting, but this Monday, January 13, we will be holding a parent meeting while our scouts are enjoying their activities.  We have a lot of important information for you, so we are really counting on you to be there.  Topics will include changes, improvements, plans for the pack, upcoming events and our winter awards service.  We hope you had a wonderful holiday break and we are looking forward to seeing you Monday at 7:00 PM!

Prehistoric fun with the Wolves

The Wolf pack is on fire!  Another belt loop earned!  For the past 2 weeks, we have imagined and brought to life on paper brand new dinosaurs of our own creation, learned about fossils and the different classifications of dinosaurs, we made our own fossil images, played dino games, and even built an edible soil/fossil layer with 2 flavors of pudding, cookies and marshmallow  as a learning device and treat to enjoy.  And, yes, they enjoyed it very much!  Learning is FUN through scouting!

FALL FEST 2019 – November 1-3 with the pack OR any other time on your own

Hello, fellow scouters and parents!  Just a few quick important things about Fall Fest.  This is an activity with a lot of flexFall Fest 2012ibility.   Scouters may attend any weekend it is offered.  Scouters may camp for the weekend OR come up for a day.  Please speak with any of our leaders if you have any questions.  AS A PACK, our leaders have a cabin for the weekend of November 1-3.  If you are planning to camp WITH US all weekend, please MEET Dan, Mike, Nora and Regina at MUSSER campsite at 6 PM in the parking lot at HART.    ***if you only wish to come up for the day on November 2, our group will be staying at RED FOX  – you can meet up with them there, or the mess hall.  Whether you make this a full weekend or just a day trip, it is always a blast!  It’s always smart to bring your hiking gear/boots and warm weather clothes, rain gear (as a precaution), a good flashlight, some extra toilet paper, a pre-charged phone charger, some snacks and water (though we will have food) and some S’More makings, ’cause what’s a campout without S’Mores! Hope to see you there for all of the fun and comraderie!


THIS MONDAY – October 28 – put on your costumes and let’s PARTY!  Halloween is around the corner and we are going to celebrate it with fun and games, music, food and friends.  Party starts at 6:30 PM.  We had a great turnout for food and drink sign up, so please don’t forget to bring your items!  Once again, I am making my signature witch’s potion – it’s simply to DIE for!  hahahahahahhaBoo


Please join us for a fun filled and educational day out at Fort Mifflin at 9:30 AM on Saturday November 10th. There will be lots to do and great company!There will be guided tours, musket demonstration, and scouts can meet Ben Franklin.

The cost is $10 for adults and $6 for kids under 12 & veterans.

Remember to pack a snack and water and wear comfortable shoes! Thank you Mike Magras for leading this awesome outing!

Goings On in the Wolf Den

The year is already off to a terrific and productive start with our young Wolves.  With 2 earned beltloops out of 6 required for moving to the next level and some fun electives peppered in, we are really having a great time telling campfire stories, creating new ones of our own, preparing a skit, playing games with a focus on fitness, good sportsmanship and teamwork, and learning about nutrition. Stay tuned for next week’s Wolf Den recap! Until then…

What a fun Open House!

A warm thanks to everyone who came out tonight to the Cub Scout Pack 1776 Open House. We saw many new faces, as well as our dear familiar ones. The children thoroughly enjoyed “SCIENCE!” With Dan, electrical circuitry with Mike, Catapults of Fun and corn hole with Nora and Digging for Dinosaurs with Kristine. We all had an evening of learning through fun, comradery, and laughs. A special thank you to the boy scouts and venturing crew (both of 1776) who assisted us tonight, and of course to Regina, our Cub Master, who met with all of the parents.  We really have a great group here, and we very much look forward to expanding our cub community! See     you all next week!

**Remember, it’s never too late to meet with us. If you were unavailable for our Open House, you are welcome to swing by any Monday meeting between 7:00PM and 8:00PM!

Welcome ALL to our annual Open House

We are all looking forward to meeting new faces tonight. There is a lot of information and fun planned for this evening!

Terrific Time at National Night Out!

A big shout out and thank you to everyone who supported this wonderful community event, especially Ronni Faith Lotto for organizing this massive gathering and, of course, our local police force. It’s always a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and businessss, but so much better when you meet and connect with so many new ones as we did tonight! One of my most favorite things about scouting is the comraderie and bonding amongst the scouts and leaders. We truly become family. We enjoy one another immensely. We join together and work together, complementing one another…and  tonight was no exception as all of our branches came out to represent.  In case you weren’t aware,  1776 is comprised not only of Cub Scouts (boys and girls) but also includes Boy Scouts and Venturing Crew (co-ed).  This means we not only spend a few years together, but grow and journey together until adulthood. Though we love our little group just way we are, we are always excited for new members and can’t wait to welcome into our group the many new faces we met tonight.  Community is only as strong and upstanding as it’s members and we are proud to foster that in our children.  So, thank you for your support and we hope to see you at our open house in September 😊