Athlete Activity BadgeStrength and good health are important to you now for sports and games. They’ll be important to you all your life.  Athletes know that a good training program includes exercises that build strength and endurance.  Endurance means the ability to keep going in a race or in a playing sport.

See how much you can improve in each area over a 30 day period. The more you work on each skill, the more you will improve and the higher your rating should be. As you improve, this means you’re growing stronger.  Keep a record of all your scores. When you complete each requirement, ask your Webelos den leader or activity badge counselor to initial it.



Do These:

1. With your parent, guardian, or Webelos den leader, complete the Perseverance Character Connection.

a. Know:  Review the requirements and decide which ones might be more difficult for you to do. Make a plan to complete one of the harder requirements.

b. Commit:  When doing the harder requirement, did you ever feel frustrated or angry?  What did perseverance have to do with that.  Name another type of task for which you will need to persevere.

c. Practice: Practice perseverance by following your plan to do that requirement for the Athlete activity badge.

2. Explain what it means to be physically and mentally healthy.

3. Explain what you as a Webelos Scout can do to stay physically and mentally healthy.

4. Every time you work on requirement 5 below, start with at least 5 minutes of stretching warm up activities.

5. Do as many as you can of the following and record your results. Show improvement in all of the activities after 30 days.

a. Have another person hold your feet down while you do as many curl ups as you can.

b. Do as many pull-ups from a bar as you can.

c. Do as many push-ups from the ground or floor as you can.

d. Do a standing long jump as far as you can.

e. Do a quarter-mile run or walk.

And do two of these:

6. Do a vertical jump and improve your reach in 30 days.

7. Do a 50 yard dash as fast as you can, and show a decrease in time over a 30-day period.

8. Ride a bike 1 mile as fast as you can, and show a decrease in time over a 30 day period.

9. Swim a quarter mile in a pool or lake as fast as you can, and show a decrease in time over a 30-day period.

10. While you are a Webelos Scout, earn the Cub Scout Sports Physical Fitness pin.


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