Webelos Elective Adventure: Moviemaking


Do you ever watch movies and think, “I could do that?” In this adventure, you get the chance to! You get the chance to learn about the movie-making process by starting with storytelling and moving to animation, and sharing in your story creations.



Rationale for Adventure

Scouts will learn to use technology safely to create projects fueled by their own ideas. Scouts will learn to plan, organize, and execute their ideas while working as a team to create a finished product.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Moviemaking
Do all of these:

  1. Write a story outline describing a real or imaginary Scouting adventure. Create a pictured storyboard that shows your story.
  2. Create either an animated or live action movie about yourself. Your movie should depict how you live by the Scout Oath and Law.
  3. Share your movie with your family, den, or pack.