Game Design

Webelos Elective Adventure: Game Design

Game Design

Video games are fun! In this adventure you get to learn all about the different parts of games and storytelling that make up all video games that you play. Then, you get to create and play your own games and teach an adult how to play video games as well! Just remember, a Scout is helpful, and you may need to be extra patient when you are teaching adults how to play, because they didn’t have as many cool video games and digital toys as you do, and it may take them a while to learn how to have fun playing them!

Rationale for Adventure

Scouts will learn to use technology safely to create projects fueled by their own ideas. Scouts will learn to plan, organize, and execute their ideas while working as a team to create a finished product.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Game Design
Do all of these:

  1. Decide on the elements for your game.
  2. List at least five of the online safety rules that you put into practice while using the Internet on your computer or smartphone. Skip this if your Cyber Chip is current.
  3. Create your game.
  4. Teach an adult or another Scout how to play your game.