First Responder

Webelos Adventure: First Responder

First Responder

You will have the chance to put the Scout motto, “Be Prepared,” into practice in this adventure by building your own first aid kit, planning and preparing for emergencies of all kinds, and seeing how professional first responders help their community. This adventure will leave you feeling more prepared in case of an unknown emergency, and have you ready to help if you are first on the scene.

Rationale for Adventure

This adventure will provide Scouts with an introduction to the skills and responsibilities of a first responder. Activities will cover essential personal safety and first aid skills.


Webelos Adventure: First Responder
Do all of these:

  1. Explain what first aid is. Tell what you should do after an accident.
  2. Show what to do for the hurry cases of first aid:
    1. Serious bleeding
    2. Heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest
    3. Stopped breathing
    4. Stroke
    5. Poisoning
  3. Show how to help a choking victim.
  4. Show how to treat for shock.
  5. Demonstrate that you know how to treat the following:
    1. Cuts and scratches
    2. Burns and scalds
    3. Sunburn
    4. Blisters on the hand and foot
    5. Tick bites
    6. Bites and stings of other insects
    7. Venomous snakebite
    8. Nosebleed
    9. Frostbite
  6. Put together a simple home first-aid kit. Explain what you included and how to use each item correctly.
  7. Create and practice an emergency readiness plan for your home or den meeting place.
  8. Visit with a first responder.