Build My Own Hero

Webelos Elective Adventure: Build My Own Hero

Build My Own Hero

Building your own hero allows you to discover what being “hero” means to you and your life, as well as to the community you live in. Within the adventure, you will be able to locate and recognize people in the community (and across the world!) who act as local heroes in their everyday life, and create your own superhero and story of how they help others.


Rationale for Adventure

Help the Webelos Scout understand that heroes come in many shapes and forms and that each of us has a different idea what makes up a hero.


Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure: Build My Own Hero
Do all of these:

  1. Discover what it means to be a hero. Invite a local hero to meet with your den.
  2. Identify how citizens can be heroes in their communities.
  3. Recognize a hero in your community by presenting him or her with a “My Hero Award.”
  4. Learn about a real-life hero from another part of the world who has helped the world be a better place.
  5. Learn about a Scout hero.
  6. Create your own superhero.