Our Wolves are almost Bears!!

WooHoo !!  We are almost at the end! Our Wolves are SO close to advancement and we cannot wait to greet them again in person as Bears and give them their belt loops and new Badge. We are zooming meetings and assigning “homework” to get them through. This week, wolves must camp out overnight in the yard or in the house, packing as for a regular camping trip.  Make your lists! Don’t forget anything! If you forget it on a trip, you can’t go run and get it so you can’t on this trip either!!  Make sure you entertain your family with a skit or song! 

we also have participated in a flag folding ceremony via video instruction and discussion, snd watched a video and learned about campfire safety and held a discussion about a situation/change in our community.  We chose the virus and schooling from home and the rules we must follow.  There is no doubt the Wolves get it and are educated on the situation and are doing what they are supposed to.  It got them thinking about ways to get through this and that’s a win!

Over the next 2 weeks we will be wrapping up our program with more instruction to conclude their adventures for the year.  We will keep in touch and plan for summer as best we can and we CANNOT WAIT to see all of  your smiling faces again!


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