upcoming Wolf adventure for Monday Feb 24

To us Wolves, we may as well rename Monday ‘FUNDAY”!  Our kids are constantly collecting things and getting more interested in hobbies, so we want to know just what it is that makes your little cub tick!  This Funday, we are asking wolves to bring in something they collect.  Maybe it’s Pokemon cards, or beyblades.  Maybe it’s rocks, fossils or dinosaurs; sports stuff or comic books.  If your child is anything like mine, it’s probably all of the above and more.  So, have your little Wolf select one of his collections and bring it in for our version of Show and Tell.  Scouts are welcome to bring whatever they wish (with parental approval, of course), but we recommend if the items are fragile or valuable, maybe those should be left at home,  Please understand the leaders will of course be doing our best to ensure all items are properly handled and taken care of, but we cannot 100% guarantee anything.  I know I am really excited to hear all about my Wolves’ interests and collections – I hope they are just as excited to share!

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