Ready, Set, RACE! Pinewood Derby Workshop Sunday Feb 23 at 1:00

OK, so we are not racing YET!  But how can we if we don’t have our cars??? That’s what this Sunday is for!!  You see, we will have stations set up prepared to cut and shape your block of wood into the car of your dreams.  Once we are done, all you need to do is paint it, decorate it and add the wheels.  Full directions, guidelines and weight requirements will be provided by us on Sunday and can also be found inside your Derby Car box.

You don’t have a Derby Car Box, you say?  Don’t worry, no one does yet.  When you arrive, present the laminated pinewood card (the business card sized card your child received in his Christmas stocking at our Christmas party).  Please try to remember it so we can keep track, but if you cannot find it, as long as your dues are paid up in full, we know you’ve got one coming to you.  If, however, you lose or break the car we give you Sunday, or need a replacement for any reason, there is a $5.00 cost.

What you need to do before you arrive:  take the time this weekend to have your child sketch out (or help them) a car shape and design.  2nd step is to bring it with you.  It’s that simple.  Your job is to be creative and maybe research what body styles may be more aerodynamic to increase your chances of winning the race.  That’s it!

After the pinewood workshop:  sand it down smooth – who wants splinters?  We provide sand paper so you can do it as soon as your car is cut, or use your own and do it at home if you can’t stay.  The decorating you do at home.  You have 2 weeks to complete your car so it is ready to race on Saturday, March 7.  You will receive more detail on arrival time and registration prior to the race.  Stay tuned!

This is such a fun event – the track takes up almost the whole gym!

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