Bears Update 2/17/20

ThisBear Adventure: Paws for Action Monday the Bears worked on the Paws for Action Adventure. To start off, they challenged themselves by naming as many of the 50 states that they could.  Through this adventure, they learned what each aspect of the American flag stands for, and practiced drawing one of their own. The scouts were able to learn and practice how to properly fold the US flag, and learned how to display it. We recited the Pledge of Allegiance, going into the meaning of each line. We named some famous Americans, past and present and talked about why some of them are famous.


We also discussed the importance of emergency contacts. Each scout received a magnet with space to write in important emergency numbers. While before it was common to have phone numbers written and put on the fridge in case you needed to use the house phone, today many of our scouts have a phone of their own. I shared how I store my In Case of Emergency phone numbers in my phone and encouraged them to talk with their families about which phone numbers they should know.

The scouts have homework to be completed by next week for completion of this adventure

  • Display their flag at home for one month (it can be their drawing, a small one or a larger one if your family has it)
  • Research 2 famous Americans and bring in a few facts about each to share with the den. There are some examples in the Bear Handbook.
  • Make their list of emergency contacts, discussing with their family who they should have on speed dial, or in the emergency contacts section in their phone. They do not need to bring in anything for this next week, but are free to share what they discussed if they would like.
  • Emergency plan: Sit down with your family, discuss and create a plan for an emergency. Each scout picked one that they want to work on and practice the plan at home. Please bring in a copy of the plan for next week to share.

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