Coin Wars Concluding

As you may seen by now, Venturing Crew 1776 is hosting a coin war fundraiser at the pack to help raise funds for a high-adventure camp this summer. The fundraiser started on Feb 5th, and will end on Feb 26th. This means there is only ONE meeting left to try and help your den win!

Each den has a bin, with our younger and smaller dens having a joint bin, that is located at the snack bar. Add any loose change you have to your den’s bin in order to obtain positive points towards your total score! Each cent is equal to one point, so a quarter is worth 25 points. If you want to sabotage another den, add dollar bills to their bin! Each dollar takes away 100 points from the den.

At the end, our Venturers that serve as Den Chiefs will count up the points for each den and announce the winning den at the following meeting. After the winning den is announced, that den will get to vote on what prize item they wish to have from a list that the crew has created.

Thank you for helping the crew on this adventure, and good luck to all of the dens!

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