2015 Halloween Party Reminder


A friendly reminder that tonight 10/26 is our annual Halloween party. It is time for the whole family to get ghoulish and have some fun. This is a perfect time to put on your costume, hang out with new friends and play some fun games.  And thanks to the parents and families there will be some great snacks.The party is from 7:00p – 8:30pm. We can’t wait to see you all there.

If any adults would like to assist with getting set up please come early, we could use your help.  We are planning to be there by 6:00 to begin setting up.

Below is a copy of the sign up sheet for those that need a reminder or if you didn’t have a change to check the list and would like to bring something; the list is ordered by last name. If you would like to bring something not yet on the list please do so; we are still looking for fruit trays, veggie trays and more drinks, pretzels, chips, etc..

  • Gallagher: Cupcakes
  • Leone: Cookies or Candy
  • Walker: Juice Boxes
  • Laganella: ??
  • Gronski: Candy
  • Cruz: Candy
  • Murphy: Water Bottles
  • Sauerwald: Chips & Pretzels
  • Ramos-Jessie: Cupcakes
  • Resta: Paper Products
  • Brandes: Juice boxes/Snacks


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